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    DDC HomeDNA Collection Kit, Ancestry Analysis + Report,1ea

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    DDC accredited laboratory. Pinpoint your ancestry. Choose the test that's right for you. Advanced DNA test for ancestry. Customer favorite. Developed by a leading genetics researcher, this autosomal DNA test uses a powerful algorithm to explain your DNA's evolution over time. Now, you can pinpoint your ancestry ? often to a town or village. Ethnic percentages based on 36+ gene pools. Migration routes with dates and events. Dynamic online map and shareable report. Starter DNA test for ancestry. Past 70% European. Understand your past and present using DNA analysis. Learn your percentages of European, East-Asian, Sub-Sahara African and Indigenous American ancestry. Also, discover how your genetic makeup compares to modern populations. World population ancestry analysis. Personalized online certificate. Detailed, multi-page report. About HomeDNA & DDC: DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC), the accredited DNA testing laboratory trusted worldwide, offers easy at-home genetic testing from HomeDNA. Over 10 million samples tested since 1995. For More Information Visit:





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